Coming Soon: International Money Transfers*

Secure Remittances to Latin America*

Use the Lemando app to send money to any country in Latin America . Funds are available for pick-up by your family or friends in real-time.

The Process To Send Money is Simple
#1 Select Country & Delivery

Funds available for cash pick-up or deposited into an account

#2 Select Recipient

Select who you would like to send funds to

#3 Enter Amount

Decide how much to send

#4 Review & Confirm Your Transfer

Funds are delivered within minutes

   What’s the catch?

   There is none!

$4.99 per remittance.
Competitive exchange rates.
No other fees. Period.

Easily share details with recipients.
Know when the money is collected.
A full refund if money isn't collected.

Send a remittance quickly.
No lines, no waiting, no cash.

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